RAFAEL HUSSEINOV Active member of ANAS Doctor of Philology Professor
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Provisional edition
(Fourth part)
Thirty-sixth sitting
Friday 13 October at 10 a.m.

I immediately reject the usual unconstructive, lying and slanderous speech of our Armenian colleagues.
It is a known and old tradition that physicians take the Hippocratic oath that they will always be loyal to the golden rules of their profession. 
Nevertheless, irrespective of the degree of symbolism, all speciality fields need a specific oath for their profession. 
Unfortunately, neither physicians nor academics and politicians always adhere to the principles of the supreme morals of politics.
Edmund Herzig, a professor at the University of Oxford, through a special report based on lies and fraud and delivered by him in front of an audience mostly composed of Armenians at the University of California in Los Angeles on 25 April 2017, insulted the people of Azerbaijan, denying its cultural past and history as well as using expressions that were humiliating to that people. 
However, 40 days later in London, in a speech made before an audience organised by Oxford University and this time mostly composed of Azerbaijanis, he completely contradicted his ideas, expressing a completely different position on the high culture of Azerbaijan and its people during the Middle Ages. 
The point is that the same approach is repeated in the pseudoscientific writings of this person.
Today, Armenia and Azerbaijan are in a state of war. When investigating the historical roots of this conflict, we find out that the split and confrontation between two peoples have always been provoked by forces with a devil’s nature. Edmund Herzig, with deeds are fully unworthy of a person called a scholar, serves the same insidious policy.
In only the most recent thousand years the nation of Azerbaijan has given world culture such exceptional personalities as Memar Ajami, Nizami Ganjavi, Mahsati, Khāqāni, Tusi, Khatai, Fuzulî, Sultan Mohammad, Bairam Khan and many others. Their names are famous around the world. Their works are preserved in the biggest museums and libraries in Europe, Asia and America.
The worst thing is that the name of a person who has been hypocritically using science for various political games and frequently changing his mask is associated with Oxford University. 
I hope our colleagues from the UK Parliament will keep this extremely sensitive issue in focus and express a principled attitude to such undesirable activities of Edmund Herzig, who, following political conjunctions, promotes enmity between nations and countries and whose indicated activities are a stain on the name of English oriental studies.

The member of the Azerbaijani delegation in Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
Deputy of Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic.
The director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan literature named after Nizami Ganjavi of ANAS