RAFAEL HUSSEINOV Active member of ANAS Doctor of Philology Professor
Huseyn Javid`s birthday, we lost Hajibaba Huseynov + Photo Oct 24, 2017 | 22:00 /

On 24 october is not only remembered as a day of separation with Hajibaba Huseynov. Today is also the birthday of great Hussein Javid.

These words said director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature of ANAS, academician Rafael Huseynov spoke about  24 years after his death, a mugam master, People's artist Hajibaba Huseynov.

The member of the Azerbaijani delegation in Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
Deputy of Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic.
The director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan literature named after Nizami Ganjavi of ANAS