Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media
Noy 14 , 2015 - 10:43 / Məruzələr
Oxunma ( 765 )

Our democratic societies are threatened by fanaticism and religious extremism, but also by xenophobia and rejection of anything different. Faced with this threat, States and religions should work together to foster dialogue and mutual respect.

Religions have a fundamental duty to promote the shared values and principles which underpin “living together”. Within the framework of a “secularity of recognition”, States should ensure that their neutrality remains inclusive and diversity-friendly, seek “reasonable accommodations” on controversial religious practices. The aim should be to guarantee equality that is effective in the right to freedom of religion and avoid any restrictions on this right which are not necessary in a democratic society.

Education is the key to combating ignorance, breaking down stereotypes, building trust and mutual respect and promoting sincere support for the shared values of living together. School should be a meeting point and a place for constructive dialogue between individuals of different beliefs, and help them open up to other visions of the world. In this context, States and religious communities should collaborate so that the teaching of religion becomes an opportunity for reciprocal listening and for developing critical thinking.

The Council of Europe should set up a stable platform for dialogue with senior representatives of religions and non-denominational organisations in order to foster active commitment by all the stakeholders in activities to promote living together.


Rapporteur : Mr Rafael HUSEYNOV, Azerbaijan, ALDE

Origin - Reference to committee: Doc. 13364, Reference 4022 of 31 January 2014. 2015 - Fourth part-session

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